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"Balaan Tumaan Ensemble" focused on developing and carve a new artwork based on the appreciation of a wide range of artwork heritage traditions of local communities. Giving ample scope to know the tradition, will spur themselves in critiquing, renewing, and developing that tradition. "Balaan Tumaan Ensemble" was born from the seed culture of Malay and Dayak in West Kalimantan. Nonetheless, it has a broader insight and repertoire. That is, departing from the Malay and Dayak cultural roots, along with Indonesian and world cultures.


Found on March 2014, it consists of musicians from student, and alumni of music school in West Kalimantan. In Dayak Kayaan language, "Balaan" means the edge(s), the borders. While "Tumaan" means the meeting. Based on the Dayak Kayaan mythology, the earth is shaped like inverted bowl with the sky as a blanket. The term "Balaan Tumaan" has the meaning as a meeting point or boundary between earth and sky meeting at each end of the view. Paradoxically, it could also be interpreted as an end of the meeting that is not necessarily united. Because “finding signify desire”. 

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